Change of Heart: David’s path to health and happiness–Your donations at work!

PVM resident David Simpson performing at the PVM Gala

David Simpson is a resident at Thome Rivertown of Detroit. Donors, you might recognize the name. Donations were vital in bringing Thome Rivertown to reality. I hope you enjoy hearing David’s story.

There almost was no story to tell.

He was the last resident to move in. Three months prior David had a heart transplant. If that was not enough, he was trying to put his life back in order after a divorce.
David entered Thome Rivertown frail and teetering on disaster. Seeing him today, you would never know. “Ever since I’ve been here, it has been a total blessing. Everything just started to fall into place,” David recalls.

David regained a passion and purpose for life. You see David, is a longstanding professional musician and artist. Performing during halftime for the Pistons, having a hit record and art displayed at the DIA.

After 30 years, David picked up his pencils. “I just started drawing at that point, and I haven’t quit since then,” said David.

His health and strength kept improving. To the point, he started singing and performing. Today he and his son regularly perform at Thome Rivertown. His celebrity status is back!

To receive a new heart was only half of it. Your donations gave David a new life and purpose. Drop by Thome Rivertown; there is a good chance you’ll see David with a mic or sketchpad in hand.


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