Your gifts – and a promise to her son – changed Betty’s life

Betty Wellman, a Village of Redford resident, was kind enough to share her personal journey to a healthier life all through 2020. Enjoy her story and know that you’ve helped make it a possibility!

Betty Wellman from The Village of Redford

At 220 pounds Betty’s life was significantly different than it is today. With diabetes, high blood pressure, and a bad back she relied on medicines to get her through the day. At her peak she was taking 10 prescriptions drugs daily. “Something had to change and change quickly”, Betty reflected.

Her son challenged her. “Start exercising and eat heathy,” that was the short and sweet advice he gave me says Betty. From that point on Betty’s daily routine included exercising in The Village of Redford wellness room. “I work out 6 days a week. Sunday is devoted to my faith, so that is my day off,” Betty states.

“Can you believe when I started I could only walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes. I was so, so exhausted! Now I walk or use the stationary bike (Nu-Step) for over one hour. My daily goal is 4,000 steps,” Betty proudly proclaims.

All that work paid off. The weight is off and is still coming off. More importantly her physical health rebounded. Her diabetes and high blood pressure is in check. Her back feels great and she is living life pain free. Today she takes no medications.

Having an onsite wellness center is Betty’s only real option to stay fit. Like many residents Betty does not drive anymore, and her family is not close by. To compound matters she is living on a very fixed income that does not afford her many extras like a gym membership. Having an on-site free wellness center offers so much to Betty and her fellow residents to stay healthy and engaged.

When COVID-19 hit and shut down the wellness room, Betty was concerned. “How will I stay active, will I gain all that weight back?” Betty did her best by walking in place and around her small apartment during the lockdown. She was over the moon when the wellness center recently reopened. “I was the first one back in the wellness center, I could not wait to get my work out in,” stated Betty.

“Thank you donors for giving me my life back. Without the wellness room I would have never lost 50 pounds,” Betty says with a great smile.

When we are able to welcome visitors once again, come stop by the fitness center at The Village of Redford and peek your head into the wellness room. I bet you’ll see Betty Wellman on the treadmill. Her new motto is – Don’t ever give in. Always keep moving. If you stop you might not be able to get up!

Betty is living her best life each day. Your giving does matter so much! Thank you!


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