PVM Frontline Caregiver shares her experience during COVID-19

Maliccia Brook is a nursing assistant at the Weinberg Green Houses (alternative for nursing care) located on the Thome Rivertown campuses not too far from the Detroit River. She has served the frailest of PVM elders for five years.

Thankfully she willingly shared her experience during COVID-19.

In her family she is called the boss. Malaccia is the oldest of eleven siblings. Taking charge and caring for her loved ones is in her DNA, almost from day one.

“I just like to help people. If I got sick I would want someone like me, that really cares and is compassionate,” says Malaccia. The Weinberg Green Houses offers her fertile ground to help older adults who need the require around the clock care. “To some of them I am their only family. We cook together, we laugh together, we argue, the elders even feel so comfortable they will play practical jokes on me. We’re a family and that is what families do,” she proclaims.

COVID-19 changed everything. In early March Maliccia was quarantined for 14 days due to symptoms of the virus. Maliccia had a lot on her mind. “First my health, was I going to be OK? My bills, could I pay them? I have a second job in event planning and catering to help me get by. That income went away. I was also worried about my Weinberg Green House family, I could not be there, to talk with them and make them feel safe,” says Maliccia.

“Coming back after 14 days of quarantine was not easy,” Maliccia reflects. However, quickly her doubts changed. New procedures and heightened levels of disinfecting and PPE were in place. The elders were ready to welcome her back, too. “It was a homecoming! Seeing my extended family was just what I needed. I love them so much,” Maliccia proudly states.

COVID-19 changed everything. Well not really. While it did change protocols – the love and care that Maliccia provides stayed the same. Frontline caregivers provide so much value to an older adult and their family. Where would frail older adults be without compassionate people like Maliccia? She became sick, and bravely came back to serve her extended family. Thank you!

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