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The Village of Westland

Delivering truly affordable healthcare and housing like you’ve never seen before!


I’d like to bring truly affordable
housing to seniors in need!

Seniors Need YOU!

Housing and healthcare are too expensive for too many seniors. We can change that together! By supporting the Campaign for the Ages, The Village of Westland will be truly affordable for everyone in the Westland area and surrounding community.

Breaking News: Barbara Marcum and Paul Miller Reveal Westland’s Latest Game-Changers!

Westland Senior resources Director Barbara Marcum is joined by Paul Miller, the president of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan. They discuss some exciting new developments going on right now in the City of Westland.

Paul Miller, PVM Foundation President, interviewed by Westland Senior Resources Barbara Marcum on The Campaign for the Ages Westland.

See How $53M is Transforming Senior Care in Westland!

Join Roger Myers, President/CEO of PVM, and Mary Naber, President/CEO of PACE SE Michigan,
as they discuss the future of senior care with the Mayor – don’t miss it!

Roger Myers President/CEO of PVM and Mary Naber President/CEO of PACE SE Michigan are interviewed by the Mayor of Westland on Campaign for the Ages Westland.

We all deserve a good home & care!

We Can Solve This!

The Campaign for the Ages Westland offers a senior the flexibility to stay living at home, or move to The Village of Westland, and receive health care services. With a variety of health care options, seniors can come to campus or have health care come to them. Together, we will expand The Village of Westland so seniors with low incomes have options to age well.

Thank YOU!

Housing and Healthcare are too expensive for too many seniors.

Let’s change this!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Campaign for the Ages

The Campaign for the Ages is a capital campaign to raise $19.5 million to transform four senior living communities.


The Village of Westland


The Village of Oakland Woods


The Village of
Lake Huron Woods


McFarlan Villages

Questions? Want to donate?

Contact Paul Miller, PVM Foundation President • 248-281-2040

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