And the Winner of The Village Victory Cup Is…


What an exhilarating journey we have had with the PVM Village Victory Cup!


As we catch our breaths from the thrill of competition and the echoes of cheers, I want to express my endless thanks to each of you who attended, volunteered, and generously donated to the Village Victory Cup. As the heart of PVM, you made this event possible!


With over 300 older adults competing, the competition was nothing short of fierce, and we witnessed the impressive victory of The Village of Woodbridge Manor. Their triumph is a testament to the drive and determination that defines every participant.


Equally captivating was the infectious enthusiasm of The Village of St. Martha’s, who lifted spirits and earned the Spirit Award with their unyielding cheer for not only their team but also all of the other teams. Now, that is what I call sportsmanship!


Your involvement has shown that it is more than a game—it is an expression of belief in our shared values and goals. Together, we are building a future where every senior is empowered to live a life full of victory, both in spirit and in action. This event has proven that age is no barrier to achievement and that joy can be found in every corner of our community.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this remarkable event. Your generosity radiates through the smiles of our athletes and the pride of our communities. Let us carry this torch of victory forward until we meet again at the next Village Victory Cup.


With warmest regards and endless gratitude,

Paul Miller, CFRE
President, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Foundation

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