Step-in out with Walk Wise!


Personal pedometers are the rage. From Fitbit, Garmin to the Apple watch. All there to track each step and motivate us to keep active. One catch! A pedometer does not work if you use a walker or wheelchair.

Donors to the rescue! Because you donated, the PVM Foundation was able to purchase Walk Wise.

Walk Wise attaches to a walker, or even a wheelchair to track each movement just like a typical pedometer. It also sends updates to the older adult, their family members and the direct care staff. These updates will alert them to long periods of inactivity, a potential fall or to celebrate exceeding your daily steps.

PACE Central Michigan, a PVM partnership with Michigan Masonic Home, provides all-inclusive care for nursing home eligible older adults in mid Michigan. During the pandemic the participating older adults sheltered at their homes instead of traveling to the PACE Center for their care. Having Walk Wise was critical in encouraging an active daily routine. After six months of use, Walk Wise data showed reduced falls and increased activity.  

Because you choose to donate an older adult is more active today. Each step that is tracked by Walk Wise is helping change a life for the better. Your donation truly put into action, one step at a time! Thank you donors!

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