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For Colleen Froats the "Spirit of Giving" is custom aprons, appreciation and giving what you can.

Colleen Only with awardColleen Froats a resident assistant at Perry Farm Village answered, “Why do you give to PVM?”  for the Spirit of Giving contest, open to all employees who donate to the PVM Foundation. The winner gets $500 donated to their village in their name.

Colleen gives in many ways, from financial gifts to sewing aprons for residents. “The ladies had to wear a bib at meals,” said Colleen. “I thought, ‘they need something more. They don’t need to feel like ‘an old person’ who has to wear a bib. So me and a few staff members got together to make aprons.” Now the residents each have one and they love them,” she said fondly, “They are not shared property!”

 Not only did Colleen dream up, and then make the bibs, she taught some of her fellow staff members how to sew in the process!

Read Colleen’s award-winning entry below, and then tell us why you give! We’d love to hear why you support PVM. Please email Paige Vanzo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Colleen Froats with Bobie Clement

Colleen Froats, Why Do I Give to PVM?

Write my story?
What a thought provoking request. I've lived my story for 58 years. I do not believe I've ever really thought about it as a story anyone would ask for.

What motivates me to give to PVM?

I knew the first time I visited Perry Farm Village it was a Special place,  One I would want to be part of. I consider it a privilege to be an employee of PVM, an Honor to be blessed with the opportunity to care for and give of myself to the wonderful residents of Perry Farm.

I've always believed the more you  give the more you have. Being part of this  family  means I have so much more than many! Each day I enter the parking lot I know as I enter the doors I am going to receive Smiles, waves, comments of " there's our girl" . There is so much love, appreciation, caring inside these walls. To be entrusted with the care of a family's loved one is such a huge endorsement. I have no purpose other than to give what I can, where I see need, in anyway possible. Finding a way to stretch the budget to include a bit for the Friends and Family fund, mending a piece of clothing, making special aprons for our ladies to protect their clothes, just being there to hold a hand, give a hug or spend a special 20 minutes to watch jeopardy with someone who's family lives far away means everything!

Two quotes that I strive to live by daily that I feel sums me up are:

"Work for a Cause
Not for Applause
Live life to Express
Not to impress"


Learn to Love without Condition.
Talk without bad Intension.
Give without any Reason.
And, most of all,
Care for people without any Expectation.

My motivation is selfish—the love, appreciation and happiness I receive from our residents every day makes every day's work worth all I can give. 

Colleen Froats
Perry Farm Village employee