Brenda Fulton

Provide a Lifeline to Vulnerable Older Adults Facing a Financial Crisis


In 2022, we distributed over
$19,000  to 71 residents at PVM Villages

Since the fund opened in 2011,
we have distributed over $115,000 to 500 residents

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Resident Emergency Help Fund Sponsor PNC Foundation

Thank you!
Fran Levasseur, resident of Hampton Meadows.
Casey Bert, PVM resident

Here’s what your donations have done so far

Joyce Kilbourn, resident of the Village of Mill Creek, is grateful that donors helped her be able to afford new glasses so she can see clearly again.

A Clearer Tomorrow: How Donations Empower Residents

  I’m so thankful to you for the money you gave me to get my glasses. It is so wonderful to be able to see again. I have a new lease on life. The glasses are terrific, nicest pair I ever had and with the eye problems I have. Now, thanks to you, I can…...
A thank you note from resident Marie Baptiste Zenon, thanking donors for financial help on getting her car fixed.

Driving Towards Gratitude: How Support Transforms Lives

  I’m so elated to write this note to you. Thank you for your help. Now I can get my car repaired. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I am appreciative for the financial help. I live in the Village of Peace Manor in Clinton Twp, MI and I truly enjoy living here.…...
Linda Conroy can smile again! Thank you to donors for funding her lower teeth.

Transforming Lives: The Power of Your Gift

A belated note to say “Thank you” for the gift from your foundation. These funds will allow me to get the lower teeth I need to chew and to be able to smile again. My total knee replacement was scheduled about the time your funds were received. So this note was delayed. Sincere thanks again,…...
Because of donors, Brenda Fulton was able to catch up on bills.

Gratitude in Grief: A Heartfelt Thank You for Easing My Burden

Thank you so very much! During this season of my life by losing my husband, Carl, you step in and help me to get over a rough path, trying to catch up on bills. Thank you for , you mean the world to me for this. Much love, Brenda Fulton...
Kelly Graves is grateful for the help he received from donors.

An Overflowing Heart: Expressing Deep Appreciation for Your Kindness and Support

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance in helping me in my time of need. Its nice to know there are good caring people like you in this evil, crazy world. Once again, THANK YOU and Bless you! Kelly Graves...
Constance Charles is grateful for being able to live at The Village of St. Martha's

A Place to Call Home: Embracing Gratitude for Your Generous Support

Your support has provided me with a wonderful place to live. Thank you, Constance Charles...
Sandy Skryzpek expresses her gratitude for being given a scooter. Thank you donors!

Embracing Mobility: A Heartfelt Thank You for the Gift of Independence

I am truly humbled and so grateful to have been given a scooter which gives me my legs to get around. Thank you so very much!! Sandy Skzypek...

Grateful for Every Sound: Fran’s Appreciation to Donors

  Dear Donors, I am amazed, astonished, and 100% grateful for your generosity bestowed upon me through PVM for the balance on my new hearing aids. Their remarkable bluetooth connectivity allows me to ascertain and enjoy conversations on my phone. Thank you, Fran Levasseur P.S. A concussion sustained from an IRA bombing incident in London,…...
Alice Crater, resident of the Village of Peace Manor, appreciates donors helping her aford her hearing aids.

Hearing the Gift of Gratitude: Alice’s Touching Thank You Letter to the PVM Foundation

  Thanks so much for the check for my hearing aids. I appreciate it so much! Alice Crater, Resident of The Village of Peace Manor...
A thank you note from Maureen Harvey, a resident at the Village of Peace Manor, thanking donors for financial aid for her Life Glider mobility device.

Walking Tall: The Power of Generosity at Village of Peace Manor

  “Dear Avni Thomas and Members, I wish to thank all of you and to say how grateful I am for your generous gift. It will help make my payments for the Life Glider much easier for me. I would like you to know what this mobility device has allowed me to do. I now…...
A thank you note from Resident Casey Bert, thanking donors for a new mattress.

Sleeping Soundly: How the PVM Resident Assistance Fund Made a Difference

  Donors of PVM Resident Assistance Fund, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for providing me with the funds for a mattress that I was in need of. This need came from nowhere, I had to get rid of my old mattress due to some issues. I was struggling to figure…...
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