Make a Bequest

Answering the Prayers of Future Seniors

Please consider answering the prayers of future PVM seniors by leaving a charitable bequest in your will. You will answer the many prayers of tomorrow’s older adults. Ensure PVM’s commitment to faithful and compassionate mission work for years to come.


Being blessed with caring/compassionate people like you, PVM can do God’s work for years to come.


If you want to learn more about leaving a bequest in your will, please fill out the form below.

Read about how U of M’s Henry Johnson is building a brighter future for seniors

Giving back has always been part of Henry Johnson’s life philosophy. Even in his twenty-plus years as a vice president at the University of Michigan, the first African-American to hold an administrative position there, Johnson always found time to volunteer.  He recognized the crucial work PVM was doing and included the PVM Foundation in his will.

“Anybody who serves on the board should make an ongoing commitment while they’re alive – not only after they pass, but while they’re serving on the board.”

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