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My name is Brenda Galloway and I am a resident at The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley in Detroit.

My move to a senior living community came abruptly after I was injured in an automobile accident. Because of my physical condition, I could no longer sit for long periods of time and was unable to effectively perform my job duties. Without any other resource, I chose early retirement, realizing I would need to find an affordable place to live on my new limited income.

I diligently searched for quality and affordable housing. It was soon apparent to me that quality senior housing was for upper-income retirees, and affordable senior housing was considered low-income, which often equaled sub-standard housing. I grew weary in my quest as I witnessed how senior citizens were actually living.

Then I walked into The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley and immediately thought, “These people really get it!” Finally, a standard where quality is parallel to affordability! Where low-income is not devalued, but embraced for higher possibilities! At last, a place for me to call home!

PVM has given me the retirement life I hoped for, but thought did not exist. I wake up every morning in Brush Park Manor, feeling blessed and thankful because I remember my search to get here, and I know how my life could have been.

I have many new friendships and my weekly schedule is filled with wholesome activities including fitness classes, games, movies, arts and crafts, workshops, bus trips for shopping and other cultural events to keep me socially engaged! This past winter was one of the coldest on record in Detroit, yet I never spent one day without heat in my Brush Park home, and did I mention how safe I feel?

Thank you, PVM, for rescuing not only myself, but for going into cities throughout Michigan and providing quality, affordable housing to many, many other seniors like me. Seniors are not just old and dying, we’re actively aging in community and thriving!