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Donate to The Village of Bethany Manor

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"Aging in place" with Christian values is one of the controlling principles behind Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM). To provide The Village of Bethany Manor seniors with this opportunity to "age in place," we rely heavily upon the generosity of the community. Donations made to Bethany Manor are vitally important to the residents.

Donors have enhanced the living conditions of one of society's most vulnerable populations, and have offered a safe, secure environment where residents are comfortable and fearless in their homes at Bethany Manor. Donors have also provided opportunities for cognitive, technological, physical and mental enhancements that would otherwise not have been available.

By making a donation, you are transforming the lives of Bethany Manor residents who are "aging in place" and we continue to be deeply grateful for your continued support!


Annual Friends & Family Fundraising Campaign

Help Bethany Manor raise funds for resident activities such as trips, entertainment and social gatherings! Our 2017 Friends & Family goal is to raise $1,000 in this effort. Learn more about the Friends & Family Campaign here