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ben endowmentProject Summary:
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) serves thousands of seniors with very low incomes. They have a tight budget to live in, and sometimes need our help to cover an emergency or unexpected expense. PVM's Resident Help Fund, also known as Benevolence, is there to provide emergency financial support for seniors living at a PVM Viillage. 

Through gifts to the PVM Foundation Resident Help Fund, seniors who need some help to make ends meet this month won't go without heat, or have to choose between haivng food or medicine.

The Resident Help Fund can help in many ways . . 

  • A gift of $50 helps a senior afford an emergency ambulance ride to the hospital
  • A gift of $100 helps a senior schedule an eye exam her insurance doesn't cover
  • A gift of $250 helps a senior get a hearing aid or specialized orthotics

Please consider a gift to the Resident Help Fund and give hope to a senior today!

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