More and more grandparents are raising grandchildren.

If you need yet another reason to hug an older adult – I have 7.8 minion of ‘em!


7.8 million children in the U.S. live in households headed by their grandparents or an older adult relative.*


My first reaction to those numbers: “Wow! How could that be?” Then I thought, I have two neighbors that raised other relatives’ children. Players on my son’s football team, students in my wife’s classroom – the same theme, over and over again.


This reflects a breakdown of the nuclear family. There are many reasons why. No need to list them. But what would happen without grandparents stepping up?! Scary!


We celebrated National Grandparents Day on Sept. 8. Thank you, donors, for contributing in honor of grandparents. They deserve it!


Now, back to that hug. I would say it has evolved into a big, big bear hug of thanks! Thank you, grandparents, for being there for 7.8 million children in need.



*Source: Pew Research Center

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