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The Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) Foundation advances the PVM Mission by providing philanthropic support for resident emergency needs, innovative services and wellness programs for residents and seniors throughout the state. 

Fundraising Goal: $1,500,000 or more
Raised through August 31, 2016: $1,613,344


 Hear from Jeanette, a resident who's in her new home, thanks to you!

Jeanette Scheffler Hillside

You created a new home for seniors—thank you!

Thanks to donors like you, the first gathering in the new space at The Village of Hillside was held in August, almost a year after 24+ residents were relocated for the building of their new home. The Open House & Dedication marked the wrap up of the fundraising campaign, led by committee co-chairs Fred Walstrom and Linda Rhodes-Pauly. You contributed over $1.6 million to give seniors a brand new, accessible home and a larger community center—thank you for making it happen!

Construction is now expected to be completed in October 2016 and residents are looking forward to moving in!

Open House & Dedication Photo Gallery

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Project Summary:
The Village of Hillside/Friendship Center Renewal Campaign will replace the oldest buildings on campus with new, affordable senior apartments accessible to seniors with disabilities and will nearly triple the size of the Friendship Center to increase programming and serve more local seniors.


This campaign will meet the increasing needs of Harbor Springs’ seniors and allow them to age in their community while providing them with quality affordable housing, an accessible community center, linkage to needed services and opportunities to engage in the vibrant Harbor Springs community. Help us keep local seniors local!

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact Paul Miller at 248.281.2045 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

$50K Matching Gift Challenge
Gifts through December 31st are eligible to be matched, dollar for dollar, doubling the impact of your gift! 

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Help Make Life Even Brighter for a Senior Today
Growing older doesn't mean life has to slow down. In fact, donors make new opportunities possible for PVM residents and community seniors every day. This holiday season, we are asking you to make a gift and brighten the life of a senior. 

The funds raised will help seniors in the following ways:

  • Resident emergency needs, known as Benevolence
  • Social activities and field trips
  • Reliable transportation to appointments or outings
  • Technology upgrades (computers, phone systems, Internet, etc.)
  • Wellness classes, like fall prevention; equipment and walking paths
  • Facility improvements (community room, beauty shop, wellness center, etc.)

To Make a Gift:

  • Online: Click here to donate online.
  • By Mail: Mail your payment to PVM Foundation at 26200 Lahser Road, Suite 300, Southfield, MI 48033.
  • By Phone: Call 248.281.2040.

Thank you for making life even brighter
for a senior this holiday season!


My name is Brenda Galloway and I am a resident at The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley in Detroit.

My move to a senior living community came abruptly after I was injured in an automobile accident. Because of my physical condition, I could no longer sit for long periods of time and was unable to effectively perform my job duties. Without any other resource, I chose early retirement, realizing I would need to find an affordable place to live on my new limited income.

I diligently searched for quality and affordable housing. It was soon apparent to me that quality senior housing was for upper-income retirees, and affordable senior housing was considered low-income, which often equaled sub-standard housing. I grew weary in my quest as I witnessed how senior citizens were actually living.

Then I walked into The Village of Brush Park Manor Paradise Valley and immediately thought, “These people really get it!” Finally, a standard where quality is parallel to affordability! Where low-income is not devalued, but embraced for higher possibilities! At last, a place for me to call home!

PVM has given me the retirement life I hoped for, but thought did not exist. I wake up every morning in Brush Park Manor, feeling blessed and thankful because I remember my search to get here, and I know how my life could have been.

I have many new friendships and my weekly schedule is filled with wholesome activities including fitness classes, games, movies, arts and crafts, workshops, bus trips for shopping and other cultural events to keep me socially engaged! This past winter was one of the coldest on record in Detroit, yet I never spent one day without heat in my Brush Park home, and did I mention how safe I feel?

Thank you, PVM, for rescuing not only myself, but for going into cities throughout Michigan and providing quality, affordable housing to many, many other seniors like me. Seniors are not just old and dying, we’re actively aging in community and thriving!

April 1-30, 2015


$191,000 Raised for Seniors Through Friends & Family! 

A big THANK YOU to our donors who generously contributed nearly $191,000 for seniors through Friends & Family, exceeding our goal of $136,000 and making this the most successful year ever! This annual campaign is an opportunity to raise funds for projects that will enhance and enrich the lives of residents at all Villages. Scroll down to learn how much each participating Village raised.

A special congratulations to The Village of Our Saviour's Manor, who had the most new donors with 30 new donors, and to The Village of East Harbor for most amount raised with $70,370!

We are very grateful to our donors, who exceeded all our expectations to make so much possible for residents. Below are a few highlights of the final results.

  • 707 donors participated in the 2015 Friends & Family Appeal
  • 191 Friends & Family donors were first-time contributors
  • Raised 40% more than 2014

Questions? Want to Learn More? Contact Bobie Clement, 248.281.7252 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2015 Village Projects and Goals for Friends & Family
Goal by April 30, 2015: $136,000
Raised through May 7, 2015: $190,913.97
Over Goal: $54,914




Amount Raised
as of 5/7/2015

The Village of Bethany

New Computers & Printer

$ 2,850.00

 $   958.00

The Village of Brush Park
Manor Paradise Valley

Big Screen Television

$    600.00

 $ 1,065.00

The Village of East Harbor

Health & Wellness Center



The Village of Hampton

Resident Activities

$ 2,350.00

 $ 1,852.47

The Village of Harmony

Barbecue Grill

$    600.00

 $ 1,485.00

The Village of Hillside

Hillside/Friendship Center
Renewal Project

$ 5,000.00


The Village of Holly

Bus for Resident Transportation


 $ 9,571.00

The Village of Mill Creek

Automatic Door Openers

$ 1,000.00

 $    482.00

The Village of Oakland

Kitchen Appliances & Flooring


 $ 2,655.00

The Village of Oakman

Two New Computers

$ 2,414.00

 $ 1,960.00

The Village of Our
Saviour's Manor

Emergency Stairlift

$ 4,500.00

 $ 3,444.76

The Village of Peace

Outdoor Furniture, Landscaping
& Community Space

$ 5,000.00

 $ 4,408.91

Perry Farm Village

Vehicle for Resident


 $ 9,985.00

The Village of Redford

Community Garden &
Professional Holiday
Decorating Service

$ 5,500.00

 $ 6,159.98

The Village of Rosebush

Outdoor Furniture, Landscaping
& Community Living Room Enhancements

$ 7,500.00

 $ 5,666.00

The Village of Sage

Outdoor Furniture &
Campus Beautification

$ 2,600.00

 $ 1,228.00

The Village of Spring

Vehicle for Resident

$ 6,000.00

 $ 3,514.14

The Village of St. Martha's

Outdoor Furniture

$ 5,000.00

 $    941.00

The Thome Rivertown
Senior Apartments

Patio Furniture & Picnic
Entertainment Accessories

$ 2,000.00

 $    943.00

The Village of Warren

Security Cameras

$ 2,000.00

 $ 1,761.50

The Village of Westland

New Bus for Resident



The Village of Woodbridge

Wellness Programs & 

$ 2,300.00

 $ 2,940.00